Wakamiya Shrine

  • Modification: 2024/01/10
  • Area: anbou

Records relating to the construction of this shrine do not exist at all. However, using the shrine’s various stone monuments—which are all unhewn natural stone without markings or engravings, the shrine has been roughly dated to the Kaiei era, which began in 1850. Furthermore, a stone gorintō pagoda* dated to 1694 (Genroku 7) stands on the shrine grounds.

The god enshrined here is said to be a feminine one, and has been venerated as a protector against fires. Furthermore, an event is held here on the third day of the third month of the old lunar calendar in which a monk from Honbutsu Temple reads Buddhist sutras.

*For more information on gorintō, see plaque #90 in Shitogo Village.

Wakamiya Shrine



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