Takeno River Power Station

  • Modification: 2024/01/11
  • Area: nagata

After being channeled into an iron pipe that spans an elevation change of 50.3 meters, the Takeno River propels a turbine system that generates hydroelectric power.

This power station was built in 1926 (Taisho 15) by the Yakushima Electric Corporation. To this day, it supports local livelihood and industry through its self-contained local power output of up to 160 kilowatts. At the time of its construction, mackerel fishing was booming in Yakushima’s waters; this station supplied power mainly to the ice factory at Issou Harbor. Soon after, its output was partitioned to bring electricity to the homes and neighborhoods of Nagata, Yoshida, and Issou. On an island still accustomed to living by the light of gas lanterns, the curtain on modernization was raised for these three villages.

Previously, this power station’s operation and management would sometimes be interrupted by its water intake gates being blocked by leaves, branches, sand, and other debris—especially after typhoons or heavy rains—resulting in blackouts. Nowadays, an automatic debris-clearing system keeps the station running, even without human intervention.

Takeno River Power Station



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