Hirauchi Tidal Hot Spring

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This onsen, or hot spring, is nothing short of a treasure for Hirauchi Village. This hot spring is used widely by residents of the village—so much so that some houses do not even have their own bathtubs at home.

This famous local landmark had already been in use by 1599 (Keichō 4), its first mention in written history. It has been dearly loved as a place for rest and relaxation ever since. Only accessible during low tide (approx. an hour before and after the tide’s lowest point), the whole area is otherwise swallowed by the sea. The spring’s waters are reportedly effective against many bodily afflictions, and it is said that drinking the water can help with digestive ailments.

It is a mixed-gender open bath, utilised by both locals and tourists in their birthday suits—wholly unique on Yakushima in this sense. Drinking up splendid oceanfront views whilst soaking one’s troubles away in a hot spring: is there any greater luxury?

Hirauchi Tidal Hot Spring



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