Hanao Shrine

Enshrined here are a trinity of deified figures—Tango no Tsubone (mother of Shimazu Tadahisa, who was son of Minatomo no Yoritomo and founder of the Shimazu Clan), Kamakura Shōgun Minamoto Yoritomo, and Eikin Ajari—who preside over the realm of childbirth.

The patron shrine of this one is Sasshū Mitsukein Atsuchi Hanaoyama, which is in present-day Kōriyama Town on the Kagoshima mainland, and was founded in 1218 (Kenpō 6).

During the Tenwa era (1681–1683 CE), the 19th clan head, Shimazu Mitsuhisa, constructed shrines in each region of the clan’s domain. At that time, Kuchinoerabu Island was part of the clan’s territory—as such, it is thought that this shrine was most likely built at that time.

This shrine once stood much closer to the water, at the island’s coastline. However, it was moved to its present location in 1910 (Meiji 43).

Hanao Shrine



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